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Tip : You can use any Dymo LabelWriter label for almost any purpose....

(Updated 5/22/2019)

One question we get asked by Dymo LabelWriter users is whether you can use a Dymo Address Label for something other than printing just addresses ? Or can you use a Dymo Shipping label for something other than printing a shipping address?

Yes You Can!! In fact, you can use the Address Label for just about any purpose you choose. Some people use Address Labels on their File Folders, some use them on shelves in Warehouses, some people even use them as a simple one-line Name Badge.

And the same goes for Shipping labels, Diskette Labels, File Folder labels, and all the other Label sizes. You don't just have to create a Shipping Label with the Shipping Label size, just like you don't need to use Diskette labels exclusively for labelling diskettes. Shipping Labels are commonly used as Name Badges and even as Nutrition panels on packaged foods. 'Diskette' labels are commonly used as prescription labels by Veterinaries.

To take all the mystery out of what label can be used for what purpose, just think of it this way..... The only reason names were given to the various labels was to help identify the main use for that label size - that's the only reason an Address Label is called an Address Label. You can use any label for just about any purpose, so don't limit yourself!

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