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3/15/2021 : Known issue with Dymo Label Software and Windows 10

If you are getting blank labels when printing from your Dymo LabelWriter, please click the following link - https://www.dymo.com/en-US/software-fix

Technical Support

Labelcity offers free tech support to all of our customers. If we can't solve your problem right away we will guide you to escalate your issue with Dymo for a speedy resolution. 

Tech support contact information:

Dymo Tech Support number : 1-877-724-8324

Tollfree within USA     1-888-999-6333
From outside USA     +1 570-325-9800
Tollfree within USA     1-866-999-5533
From outside USA     +1 570-325-2990
Customer Service     sales@labelcity.com
Technical Support     support@labelcity.com
Feedback     feedback@labelcity.com