Tip : Printing Sequential Labels on a Dymo 4XL

Printing sequential Labels on the Dymo 4XL is easy. By sequential, what we mean is printing a series of labels that have incremental numbers printed on them. For instance, you might have a consignment of 20 packages and each needs to be numbered as a unique box. Printing sequential labels will see each box have a number like 1 of 20, 2 of 20, 3 of 20, etc.

Dymo LabelWriter printers, like the 4XL model, can be integrated into almost any application by way of Dymo’s software developer kit (SDK). Additionally, all LabelWriters ship with FREE labeling software from Dymo (DLS) that enables you to design label templates, which can include text, graphics, barcodes and counters.

Integrating a counter into a label template from your own software application is achieved by using the Dymo SDK. If you software can generate a printout of sequential numbers, the Dymo 4XL will print it. If, however, you decide to use Dymo’s DLS software to generate your sequential labels, the process is a walk in the park.

On the label Design tab in Dymo DLS software, you simply drag the ‘counter’ icon onto your label, position it and then double-click the counter field to setup the properties. And that’s where the power of the counter feature becomes evident. From the properties page you can setup attributes such as: text strings before and after the counter; start and end values; number of digits to display in the counter; show leading zero’s; font; background color; scaling; vertical text; alignment and rotation.

There’s a whole lot more you can do with the Dymo 4XL too.