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Tip : Printing Barcodes on the Rhino 4200

The Rhino 4200 label printer can generate Code 39 and Code 128 barcodes. Note: Barcodes cannot be printed on 6mm (1/4") labels. The barcode prints horizontally along the label, and you can choose to print the barcode text in small print either below or above the barcode. Optionally, you can add text before and after the barcode and serialize barcodes, and you can even add a box around the barcode, as we did in this example, using the STYLE function.

The barcode text appears on the label in the Dymo Rhino 4200 display just like any other text. If the cursor is positioned within the barcode text, the type of barcode and the position of the barcode text are displayed in the caption bar.

To create a barcode
1. Do one of the following:
(a) To add a Code 39 barcode, press the CODE128/CODE39 button, or
(b) To add a Code 128 barcode, press + and the CODE128/CODE39 button
2. Enter the text for the barcode within the barcode on the display and press OK.
3. Select whether or not to show the barcode text and press OK.
4. If necessary, select the location for the text (above or below barcode) and press OK. The barcode appears as text in the display.
5. We added a box around the barcode by pressing the STYLE button, navigating to box, selecting YES, then pressing OK 6. Print your Barcode Labels

Editing a Barcode
You can edit the text for an existing barcode. To edit a barcode
1. Press the CODE128/CODE39 button. A message appears asking if you would like to edit the barcode.
2. Press OK. The text of the existing barcode is displayed.
3. Edit the barcode text and press OK.
4. Print your Barcode Labels

Deleting a Barcode
A barcode is treated as a single character on the label. To delete a barcode
1. Place the cursor at the end of the barcode text in the display.
2. Press the left arrow button to delete the barcode

Once you've used the Rhino 4200 a few times for barcoding, the above instructions will be extremely easy to follow. Labelcity stocks the entire range of labels for the Rhino 4200.