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Tip : Dymo Shipping Labels as Name Badges

As with all Dymo LabelWriter labels, the name given to a particular label size doesn't mean that size can only be used for that purpose. For instance, Dymo Shipping Labels can be used for a lot of purposes other than just making address labels for packages.

One purpose that is becoming more popular is Name Badges. Dymo do actually have a range of 'Name Badges and these are more applicable when you want to use clips so the label doesn't actually touch a person clothing. But when you want to use a label for more than one purpose (so you don't need to keep 2 different sizes, and you don't want to keep chaning out rolls of labels) the Dymo Shipping Labels come into their own.

In the sample picture (above), we used Dymo's Large Shipping Label (120300 / 30256) to create a simple Name Badge label. It took less than a minute to create the template and is easy to modify. Using the shipping label is easy to integrate into custom application too, since this is one of the most popular label sizes, the Dymo driver has supported it for over 10 years.

See the list of Dymo Shipping Labels here