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Tech : Caring for your Dymo LabelWriter

The Dymo LabelWriter printer is designed to give you long and trouble-free service, while requiring very little maintenance. You will get the best possible performance from your LabelWriter printer if you follow the setup instructions that appear in the Quick Start Guide and the procedures described in this section.Â

You can easily clean your LabelWriter printer using the following items:Â

• Lint-free cloth.Â

 • Isopropyl alcohol, diluted dishwashing detergent, or diluted glass cleaner. Caution If you use glass cleaner, make sure it does not contain ammonia.Â

• Small, soft brush, such as a tooth brush or child’s paint brush.Â

• LabelWriter cleaning card. One cleaning card is included in your printer package. To purchase additional cleaning cards click hereÂ

To keep your LabelWriter printer working properly, you should clean it from time to time. Dusting the outside of the printer occasionally will help keep foreign matter from getting inside the printer. However, it is still a good idea to periodically perform some basic interior maintenance, such as cleaning the label path with the cleaning card.Â

To clean the exterior of your printer and the label roll compartmentÂ

1 Disconnect the power cord.Â

2 Use the lint-free cloth to wipe the exterior of the printer.Â

3 Remove dirt and smudges with one of the cleaning solutions mentioned above.Â

4 Open the top cover.Â

5 Use a small, soft brush or cotton swab to whisk away paper dust and other stray particles from the inside of the printer.

6 Remove the roll of labels and clean under the roll.

7 If you have a LabelWriter cleaning card, follow the instructions printed on cleaning card packaging.

8 Reconnect the power cord.

9 Reload the roll of labels and carefully close the top cover.

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