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Tip : Print TIA-606-B Labels on a Dymo Rhino Label Printer

Used throughout the industry, the TIA-606-B standard defines a labeling standard that maps each cable in an installation precisely to the floor, telecom room, and patch panel position or block where the cable terminates. It is not a mandatory standard, but it is widely adopted for a number of reasons none more important than offering a very efficient manner in which to identify a cable.

Building designers, managers and owners are adopting this standard because it offers efficiencies in troubleshooting, maintenance and upgrades. It makes the process of identifying and tracing cables much simpler which results in efficiencies in the areas of (i) problem resolution (ii) moves/adds/changes (MACs) and (iii) equipment upgrades.

This standard is becoming a 'required' element in installations, and even though it seems complex, it truly is a simple standard to introduce into a datacom environment. Probably the simplest part is creating the labels, and using a Rhino Label Printer makes the job that much easier. Any Rhino Label Printer can be used for creating labels for cables and other network infrastructure (patch panels, routers etc)

Following is a list of the various labels recommended for TIA-606-B Labeling:

More information about the TIA-606-B standard can be found by clicking here