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Tech : Loading Dymo LabelWriter Labels

Loading a new label roll into your Dymo LabelWriter is a simple process. Here's a step-by-step guide that will help you get this done the right way....

  1. Press the form-feed button to eject the labels that protected the printer during shipment.
  2. Open the top cover and remove the label spool from the printer.
  3. Remove the label spool from inside the top cover and pull the spool guide from the spindle.
  4. Hold the spool spindle in your left hand and place the label roll on the spindle so that the labels feed from underneath and the left edge of the label roll is firmly against the side of the spool. (See picture)
  5. Slide the spool guide onto the right side of the spool and press the guide tightly against the side of the label roll, leaving no gap between the roll and the spool.
  6. NOTE: To ensure proper feeding of labels during printing, the label roll must fit snugly against both sides of the label spool, with no gaps.
  7. Insert the label spool into the slot in the printer cover with the labels extending from underneath the roll.
  8. Align the left edge of the label with the left edge of the label feed slot and insert the label into the slot.
  9. The printer automatically feeds the label, stopping at the beginning of the first label.
  10. If the printer does not feed the labels, make sure the first label is fully inserted and then press the form-feed button.
  11. If the first label on the roll is not a full label, press the form-feed button to eject the partial label.
  12. Slide the label guide to the left until the label guide aligns with the right edge of the label.
  13. Make sure that the label guide does not pinch the label.
  14. Carefully lower the top cover.

If you have any issues or need more detailed information, please first refer to the Dymo LabelWriter User Guide. To find the right guide, simply navigate to the model you own and look for the downloads tab: LabelWriter Printer models can be found here