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Tip : Got a lot of keys? need a Dymo label?

Some business have a lot of keys. A car rental company has a lot of keys, some motels have a lot of keys, storage facilities have a lot of keys. Quite obviously, if you want to know what each key is for, you need to have some identifier on each keytag, whether it is a licence plate number, a room number or a storage shed number. It's easy to simply handwrite an identifier on a keytag, but that just doesn't look professional.

A Dymo Label can add a touch of professionalism by introducing a neatly printed identifier which can be simple text, a barcode, a graphic or any combination of these three attributes. Furthermore, a Dymo Label can even help to color code keys, because in some of the Dymo label ranges there's a whole bunch of different colors available.

Choosing the right Dymo labels for your needs is a little bit of a dilemma, but following are a few guidelines that will make it a whole lot easier...

- The Dymo LetraTag is the cheapest option, but you're limited in terms of the text/graphics and label size you can print. The LetraTag prints text and some basic symbols and only on 12mm wide label tapes.

- The Dymo LabelManager range prints on the D1 label tapes which are available in 4 different sizes, and in a few different colors. The LabelManager machines print text, and most print graphics and barcodes.

The Dymo Rhino label printer range would probably be the best bet. They are the industrial strength machines and in the Rhino range thje Vinyl labels offer 4 sizes and numerous colors. The label depicted on this page is the Rhino 18444 1/2" Whitel Vinyl Label. Rhino machines, like the LabelManager range print text, symbols and barcodes.