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Tech : Cleaning and caring for your Dymo LabelManager 360D

The Dymo LabelManager 360D is designed to give you long and trouble-free service, while requiring very little maintenance. Like any label maker, spending a little bit of time to keep it clean will help to prolong it's life expectancy. Clean your label maker from time to time to keep it working properly. Dymo recommend that you clean the cutter blade as often as each time you replace the label cassette.

To clean the cutter blade:
- Remove the label cassette
- Press and hold the cutter button to expose the cutter blade. (See Figure 6)
- Use a cotton ball/tip and alcohol to clean both sides of the blade.

The print head should be cleaned often also, as a clean print head will always result in optimal print quality. The LabelManager 360D comes with a cleaning tool which is located under the label compartment lid.

To clean the print head:
- Remove the label cassette.
- Remove the cleaning tool from inside the label compartment cover.
- Gently wipe the padded side of the tool across the print head. (See Figure 6.)

The Dymo LabelManager 360D prints on the following D1 labels:
- Dymo D1 1/4" (6mm) labels
- Dymo D1 3/8" (9mm) labels
- Dymo D1 1/2" (12mm) labels
- Dymo D1 3/4" (19mm) labels