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How to Install the Rhino 5200 Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery

The Dymo Rhino 1759398 Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery will save you $$$. Over time, the ongoing cost of AA batteries will exceed the initial purchase price of this battery, even for a light user. Heavy users will notice the saving in a short period of time.

Installing the Dymo Rhino 5200 Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery is simple, but there's a little trick to it. When you open the battery compartment of the Rhino 5200 you will initially think that the LI-Ion battery is the wrong one, because it appears that only AA batteries will fit (by default the Dymo Rhino 5200 uses 6x AA batteries). The battery compartment looks like it will only take 6x AA batteries. The trick is that you need to align the rechargeable LI-Ion battery the right way up and the right way around, otherwise it will not fit (see our Rhino 5200 Battery Installation diagram)

The Rhino 5200 Industrial Label Printer and Dymo Rhino 5200 Kit are perfect for datacomm, electrical, audio/visual, security, MRO, construction and broadcast professionals. The Rhino 5200 prints on a wide range of label sizes : 1/4" (6 mm), 3/8" (9 mm), 1/2" (12 mm) and 3/4" (19 mm). It prints on a wide range of label materials: Permanent Polyester, Permanent Metallized, Flexible Nylon, Vinyl & Heat-Shrink Tubes. See all the Dymo Rhino 5200 labels here

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