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Tip : Which Dymo Printer is best for Name Badges?

(Updated 5/29/2019)

In the Dymo printer range of label makers there's a wide variety of models that are all suited to specific applications, but in reality all models are very adaptable to be used for many different labeling requirements. For instance, the Dymo LabelWriter range was originally designed for printing address and shipping labels. These models are now used for everything from addressing and shipping, right through to price tags, postage and even Name Badges.

The best fit for Name Badges = Dymo LabelWriter (any model will do, they can all print Name Badges)

Printing name badges on a Dymo LabelWriter Printer is simple, and there's a number of different name badge supplies you can use. To print name badges, all you need is Dymo's free DLS labeling software - which is free with your new LabelWriter, or can be downloaded for free from Dymo. Within the software are templates for name badges. You can use any of the standard templates, or you can modify them to suit your requirements. Some users will have the word 'visitor' across the top of the label, their company name beneath that and some details about the visitor beneath that. Some users just have the visitor/client/participants name. There's no hard and fast rule about what you put on the name badge - that's up to you and it's very easy to do using Dymo's software.

In terms of different label supplies available for printing name badges, Dymo has a range of adhesive and non-adhesive name badges, and even a 12-hour self-expiring option that adds an extra layer of security. See our Dymo LabelWriter Name Badge Supplies link for more info.

A Dymo Printer can be used for a number of purposes, not just the most common or obvious use. Explore the various Dymo printer categories here to get a better understanding of what each model can do.