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Tip : Which Dymo CD / DVD label is right for me?

(Updated : 06/24/2019)

There's 2 different sizes of Dymo CD / DVD labels, and the right one for you will depend on 3 factors: (i) how much data you want to print on the label (ii) what kind of data you want to print on the label, and (iii) how much of the disc you want to cover.

Before we look at these 3 factors, let's have a quick look at Dymo's CD/DVD label offerings. To print a CD or DVD label you will need a Dymo LabelWriter label printer. A LabelWriter connects to your PC or Mac and enables you to print on a whole range of different label shapes and sizes, from Address Labels to Filing Labels, from Shipping labels to Name Badges.

There's a wide range of LabelWriter labels and amongst them are Dymo's CD/DVD labels. One is a 1-1/3" diameter label (Dymo 30886 / Labelcity 120886) and the other is a 2-1/4" diameter label (Dymo 30854). Both have the cut-out hole at the center so they fit perfectly onto any standard CD or DVD.

OK, let's have a look at the 3 factors that will help you choose which CD/DVD labels is your best fit....

(i) How much data do you want to print on the label?
On the 1-1/3" label there is not a lot of space, although it is possible to add 3 lines of readable text that can actually wrap around the label - Dymo's free software enables you to print curved text. The larger 2-1/4" diameter label is definitely better suited to applications where you want a lot more data.

(ii) What kind of data you want to print on the label?
If it is just text, the 1-1/3" diameter is a good choice. If you want to add graphics and/or a barcode, the 2-1/4" label will suit your needs better. In saying that, it is possible to print a small barcode on the 1-1/3" labels, and we have seen this done in libraries that rely on just a barcode, rather than barcode and text.

(iii) How much of the disc do you want to cover?
In some instances, users only want to cover the inner part of the disc, typically because the disc is already printed with something on it, or they only need a very small piece of data on the disc. The 1-1/3" label is perfect for this. If it doesn't matter how much of the disc you cover with the label (usually the case where there is a fair amount of data to be printed on the label), try the 2-1/4" diameter label.

Here's a few links to the 2 Dymo CD/DVD Labels:
· Dymo 30886 / Labelcity 120886 ... 1-1/3" diameter
· Dymo 30854 ... 2-1/4" diameter