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Tech : Which barcodes will a Dymo LabelWriter print?

(Updated 07/24/2019)

Dymo LabelWriters are being used more and more for barcoding applications because they have a very small footprint, they are ultra quiet, inexpensive to buy, they're fast and they print at 300dpi - which is equal to most other barcode printers on the market today, some of which cost over $1000.

But when it comes to barcoding, the printer you choose needs to print the barcode you use, so that's why Dymo has spent a lot of time and effort in supporting all the most common barcode symbologies (fonts).

Dymo LabelWriters support the following barcodes :

- Code 39
- Code 128
- Codabar
- EAN 8/13/128
- ITF-14
- Interleaved 2 of 5 barcodes
- QR Code

Printing barcodes is simple with Dymo's free DLS software which comes with a new printer or can be downloaded from Dymo. In the Dymo software you first select the label size you're using, drag a barcode onto it, double click the barcode to bring up it's properties and then set it up how you want it. You can choose different sizes, barcode text to appear above or below (or not at all) and you can even align it and/or rotate it.

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