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Tip : Why would I need a replacement spool for my Dymo LabelWriter?

(Updated 5/24/2019)

The Dymo LabelWriter Spool is made of 2 parts. The main part is a black circular disc with a spindle protruding from the middle of it. The other part is a black disc with a hole at the center. The disc slides over the spindle and locks the LabeWriter label roll in place.

Older model LabelWriters had a grey colored spool setup, but all models since the 300 series (including 400 and 450 series) uses the current black spool. Spools are thus interchangeable between Dymo LabelWriter models, with the exception of the 4XL model which has a longer/wider spool.

Why would I need a replacement spool?

You broke yours :- the LabelWriter spool is made of hard plastic and they don't break easy. In the unlikely case that you do happen to break yours, then it's simply a matter of ordering one from Labelcity.com (see below for links)

You lost yours :- it happens, we've had customers who threw theirs out or they mysteriously went missing.

A spare, just in case? :- for users who rely heavily on their LabelWriter(s) having a spare isn't a bad idea.

Hot-swap :- some users like to have a spare spool with a label roll already loaded on it, more commonly with a different size label. So when you need to swap label sizes/rolls, you just take the whole roll/spool out and load the other roll/spool complete.

There's 2x different Dymo LabelWriter spools to choose from......

- spool for the Dymo LabelWriter 4XL only - this one is too big for the 300, 400 and 450 series.
- spool for the Dymo LabelWriter 450, 400 and 300 series - this is too small for the 4XL