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Tip : Rhino Labels for HVAC

When it comes time to label pipes for HVAC systems, having an industrial-strength labeling tool like a Rhino label printer will definitely help add a touch of professionalism but at the same time will add a level of safety, just so you know exactly what the purpose of each pipe is. For instance, it would definitely be advantageous to know the difference between 2 copper pipes, one used for gas and one used for water.

Rhino labels are perfect for labeling HVAC pipes because they are durable, come in a variety of materials and colors. Some are better suited to flat surfaces and for labeling along a pipe, and others are better suited for curved surfaces or around pipes.

In the Rhino label range the best options for HVAC labeling are Flexible Nylon, Vinyl and Permanent Polyester. Flexible Nylon are better suited for more curvier surfaces, but only come in 2 colors (white or yellow). Vinyl Rhino labels can be applied to flat and curved surfaces and come in a wide variety of colors. They are not quite as durable as Permanent Polyester labels (which are available in white or clear) but if color-coding or a label that is more noticeable is what you need, then vinyl is for you.

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