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Tip : Rhino 4200 Light Switch labelling using Rhino 18444 labels

Labelling light switches is simple, especially when usiong a Rhino 4200 label printer. This time around we used the Rhino 18444 White 1/2" Vinyl label since it matched the colour of the light switch plate. As you can see in the image on this page, the end result is effective and very professional in appearance.

To create these labels, first we selected the font size (in this case 18pt) by repeatedly pressing the 'SIZE' button. Next we used the 'STYLE' feature (Alt+Size) to set 'BOLD' to yes. Once we had setup the font size and style, all we did was type the desired text and then press the PRINT button.

Adhering these labels to the light switch face plate is simple, because all Dymo Rhino tapes have a split in the backing sheet making it so easy to peel off the label. The hardest part was lining up the label so it sat 'square' on the plate..... and that wasn't hard at all.

Although this is a very basic use for the Rhino 4200 label printer kit, it goes to show that even simple tasks can be just that - simple. There's no over-complications with the Rhino machine. In a few minutes (including setup time and cleanup time) we transformed an ordinary light switch which often confused workers.

Furthermore, this example shows the versatility of the Rhino Vinyl labels. There's over 10 different colors available, and even though we used white, we were able to choose a color that blended in with the surface we were labelling, making for a cleaner finish.