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Dymo Rhino 4200 Hot Keys : a true time saver

The Dymo Rhino 4200 and Rhino 4200 Kit are affordable label printers for all types of Industrial Applications, including AV Installers, HVAC and evcen DIY'ers.

The beauty of the Rhino 4200 is that it can print on a wide range of labels and has in-built functionality that makes labelling a breeze.

The best time-saving feature on the Rhino 4200 has to be it's row of Hot Keys. These buttons enable you to quickly format a wide range of labels, so you won't be wasting time and effort fiddling around trying to get it right. Following is a brief overview of the various Hot key functions. The Rhino 42000 user guide has more in depth details on each function.

BREAKER labels : A breaker label is a multi-cell label used to label a row of breakers. You select the breaker height and number of breakers, enter the text for each breaker, and print. The result is a long label with a text for each breaker.

MODULE labels : A module label is a multi-cell label usedto label a row of modules of varying widths. You set the width of a module and the number of modules, enter the text for each module, and print. You can use multipliers to adjust the width of individual modules as necessary.

BARCODES : The printer can generate Code 39 and Code 128 barcodes. You can add a barcode to the following label types: General, Flag, Fixed length, Module. (Barcodes cannot be printed on 1/4” labels). The barcode prints horizontally along the label. You can choose to print the barcode text in small print either below or above the barcode. Optionally, you can add text before and after the barcode and serialize barcodes.

WIRE/CABLE labels : A wire/cable label is placed around a wire or cable. The label text is repeated as many times as possible depending on the size of the text and the width or length of the label.You can manually enter the diameter of the cable you are creating a label for, or you can select from a number of predefined wire gauges and cable types. If you choose a predefined wire gauge or cable type, the printer automatically determines the size of the label. The selections available are : CAT X, COAX, AWG 4/0-2/0, AWG 0-2, AWG 3+, self select.

FLAG labels : A flag label wraps around a wire or cable leaving the text part of the label extending out from the cable. The text on a flag label is automatically printed on both ends of the label, leaving a blank space in the middle that wraps around the cable. When the label is applied to the cable, both ends of the label are applied back to back leaving a tail or flag. The result is a label that can be read from both sides.

ALIGN text : You can align the text to print left or right justified on the label. The default alignment is centered. To align text, Press the ALT + ALIGN Hot Key. Each time you press these buttons, the next available text alignment option is selected. (Module and breaker labels use center alignment only).

ROTATE text : You can print the text on your label in one of four rotations: horizontal, vertical, 90-degree, and mirror (the text appears in inverse order as it would in a mirror). The label type determines which rotation you can use, for instance a Fixed Length label let's you print all 4 rotations, but a MODULE label only let's you print Horizontal.

FIXED LENGTH labels : Normally, the length of the label is determined by the length of the text entered. However, you may want to make a label for a specific purpose that is a fixed length regardless of the length of the text. The default fixed length is 1.0”. Any change you make to the fixed length setting remains in effect until you change the setting. (Any text that does not fit within the fixed length appears shaded in the display and will not print.)

GENERAL labels : General is the default label type and has no special formatting, text center aligned, and the length automatically determined by the amount of text. Pressing a Hot Key always changes the current label type to the selected label type. For example, if you choose Flag and later want a General label, press the General key to remove the Flag settings and return to General label type.

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