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Tip : Rhino 1805416 Warning Label on a Painters Ladder

A bright red label is a standout in virtually any situation. Furthermore, the color red is typically associated with danger or a warning. We went about a simple task of creating a warning label on a ladder, one that shows the weight limit possible.

The label took less than 20 seconds to create, and a few seconds to affix to the ladder, but as you can see in the image, it sure does stand out. We used the Dymo Rhino 1805416 ½� inch Red Vinyl Label for this task.

The beauty of Rhino Vinyl labels is that they are not only colorful but they are extremely durable. The vinyl label material is UV Light Resistant, Oil Resistant, Water Resistant and also resistant to light chemicals. This kind of label is perfect for the painters’ ladder we affixed it to. The ladder is typically used indoors, but can be used outdoors on some jobs. Since the label resistant to water, oil and chemicals, there won’t be any issue of it peeling off in a hurry.

Rhino Vinyl labels are available in a wide range of colors and sizes, ranging from 3/8� (9mm) up to 1� (24mm). Some colors available include: Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple and of course Red.

Rhino Vinyl labels are UL Recognized Component to UL969 and RoHS compliant. All tapes are 18 foot long (5.5m) so you get a lot of labels out of each tape. They are compatible with a number of surfaces: Cable/wire, curved surfaces, flat surfaces and textured surfaces.