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Printing Wire / Cable Wrap Labels on the Rhino 4200

The Dymo Rhino 4200 Label Printer is a great choice for labelling everything from cables and wires through to patch panels and HVAC systems.

The Rhino 4200 has a bunch of Hot keys that set the printer into various modes making it quick and easy to create labels. One such mode is the WIRE / CABLE hot key. This mode creates a label where the text is printed repeatedly so when you wrap it around the cable or wire, you'll be able to see the text from any angle.

This hot key mode has an added time-saving feature by way of offering pre-defined wire/cable gauges. If your wire or cable is one of the following sizes, there's no need to enter it manually (i) CAT X (ii) COAX (iii) AWG 4/0 -2/0 (iv) AWG 0-2 (v) AWG 3+ ..... all you do is select the size (see instructions below)

To print a wire/cable wrap label on the Rhino 4200, follow these steps:

1. Press the WIRE/CABLE hot key

2. Select a predefined label size (mentioned above) OR choose SELF-SELECT and manually enter the diameter

3. Enter your text

4. Press OK, then Print your label.

Once your label is printed, simply remove the backing from the label and adhere the label to the cable or wire.

We recommend Dymo's Rhino Flexible Nylon Labels because they are specifically designed for curved, bendy and round surfaces. The label used in the picture is the Rhino 18489 3/4" (19mm) Flexible Nylon label.

Labelcity stocks all 46 label options available for the Rhino 4200 in both our East Coast and West Coast warehouses, making for fast delivery to all US locations.