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Tech : Printing Symbols on the Dymo LetraTag

Dymo LetraTag label makers are low cost devices suited to the home / SOHO user wishing to print simple one-line or two-line labels. They are used for everything from labeling cookie jars to clothing, and in between you've got a whole lot of other uses like labeling file folders, light switches, shelves, lunch boxes, staplers.... and the list goes on.

Quite obviously, the LetraTag is good for printing Numbers and Letters, but it is also capable of printing 195 different symbols. When we say symbols, the obvious ones are currency symbols (i.e. $) and mathematcal symbols (+ = % etc), but the LetraTag is capable of printing many others, including : information, smiley face, love heart, trash, phone, danger, this side up, wheelchair, male, female, banana, apple, car, truck, train, bike, ball, cat, dog, fish and even a dolphin symbol. To see all the symbols, visit either our LetraTag LT100H (handheld) or LetraTag LT100T (desktop) page and look for the user guide download link.

Adding a Symbol to a Label
- Press INSERT, select SYMBOLS, and press OK. The first row of symbols appears in the display.
- Use the arrow keys to move to the desired symbol. The left and right arrows move horizontally along a row of symbols. The up and down arrow keys scroll vertically through the rows of symbols.
- When you locate the symbol you require, press OK and the symbol will be added to your label

There's 2 different LetraTag label maker models available. The handheld model is called the Dymo LetraTag LT100H and it has an ABC123 keypad. The desktop model is called the Dymo LetraTag LT100T and this one has a QWERTY keypad just like your computer keyboard layout. Both models use exactly the same LetraTag 1/2 inch labels and have exactly the same features.