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Endicia Internet Postage : Getting Started

To get started with Endicia Internet Postage, you will need to have a compatible Dymo LabelWriter, some Endicia-compatible Dymo Labels, and you will need to register at

Step 1 : Buy a Dymo LabelWriter

To use Endicia Internet Postage you will need a Dymo LabelWriter with the wide printhead. Following is a list of compatible models:
  • Dymo LabelWriter 400, Dymo LabelWriter 400 Turbo (see below)
  • Dymo LabelWriter DUO, Dymo LabelWriter Twin Turbo (see below)
  • Dymo LabelWriter EL60, Turbo (discontinued models)
  • Dymo LabelWriter 320, 330, 330 Turbo (discontinued models)

LabelWriter 400

· prints up to 40 Address Labels per minute
· holds one roll of Labels
LabelWriter 400 Turbo

· prints up to 55 Address Labels per minute
· holds one roll of Labels
LabelWriter Twin Turbo

· prints up to 55 Address Labels per minute
· holds two rolls of Labels/Stamps so you can print your Dymo Stamp on one side of the LabelWriter and your Address Label on the other side
LabelWriter DUO

· prints up to 55 Address Labels per minute
· holds one roll of Dymo Stamps OR one roll of Dymo Labels; (also holds one Dymo D1 label cartridge for printing more durable/ weatherproof plastic labels)

Step 2 : Sign up for Endicia Internet Postage

When you register with Endicia, you get given an official USPS Account number, and a download link for installing the Endicia Software. Registration is FREE, and for a limited time, Endicia are offering a 30-day trial period FREE of charge. Of course you need to pay for all postage fees incurred, but for the first month, you do not pay the monthly account fee.

Click here to visit the Endicia website and learn more about the FREE 30-DAY TRIAL OFFER, and to find out more about postage rates.

Step 3 : Buy Postage

Once you open your Endicia Account, you need to make an initial deposit so you can start generating postage labels/stamps. You can purchase an initial amount of postage (minimum is $10), and be printing labels in a matter of minutes.

To add funds to your account, simply login to your Endicia Software, and follow the simple prompts.

Step 4 : Buy Labels

If you haven't already got some Endicia-compatible Dymo labels, you'll definitely need to get some before you sue the Endicia Internet Postage Software. There are 3 basic label layouts available for use in Dymo LabelWriters, each one is subtlely different, and the right one for you will depend on what type of mail you are sending.

Click here to explore the different labels available


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