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Tip : Low fuss labeling with Rhino 1805443 Heat Shrink Labels

In some instances, applying labels to cables and wire can be a challenging exercise. Peeling and sticking labels in a confined space or on ultra thin cables can pose difficulties for installers. Wrapping a label around a 1/8" thick cable is not a simple task, its tricky.

Enter heat-shrink label tubes. Heat shrink tubes are typically used for protecting, bundling or color-coding cables. You slide the cable(s) through the tube, heat the tube and it shrinks to the size of the cable(s) inside.

The Rhino 1805443 heat shrink label tube performs in the same way (heat-shrink) but it offers a whole different solution than conventional heat shrink tubes. Rather than having it's main purpose being cable protection or bundling, it's purpose is to offer cable identification. Before you apply the tube to your cable or wire, you use a Rhino Label Printer to print text or symbols on the tube. Then it's just a matter of sliding it over the cable or wire, heat it, watch it shrink and you're all set.

The physical properties of Rhino heat shrink labels are industry-standard. They are made from polyolefin, they have a 3:1 shrink ration, and they meets a whole host of standards [UL Recognized Component to UL224, Meets MIL-STD-202G, MIL-M-81531 & SAE-DTL 23053/5 (Class 1 & 3), RoHS compliant].

The Rhino 1805443 heat shrink labelis 1 inch wide with a length of 5 feet. The label material is white in color and the print on this label will be black. It suits cable diameters ranging from 0.2 inch thru 0.6 inch (min AWG 4 they max AWG 4/0+).