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Labelcity Label 100% Quality Guarantee

More than 97% of the label SKU's we sell are manufactured by Dymo - even a whole bunch of labels that carry the 'Labelcity' brand name - they're manufactured for us by Dymo. The others are manufactured by us right here in the USA. The few labels that we manufacture ourselves use only the highest quality raw materials available and in over 20 years of manufacturing we have never ever had a warranty issue with Dymo printers.

The labels we do manufacture ourselves are primarily sizes that Dymo has ceased manufacturing, like the Dymo 8mm Video Label or the 1-1/3" CD/DVD Label. We also offer some of the more popular sizes in a removable adhesive which is very popular in cases where a label is used for a short period and when removed doesn't leave behind sticky residue. Examples include the Removable Address Label and the Removable Diskette Label, both of which can be used for almost any purpose you wish - that is, you don't need to use the address label for addressing, and you don't need to use the Diskette label on a diskette. You could use them to label shelves in a warehouse or store for instance.