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Tip : Label CD, DVD or BluRay discs with a Dymo LabelWriter

Labeling CD's, DVD's or BluRay discs is easy with a Dymo LabelWriter. In fact, Dymo have made it so simple by developing a circular label especially for discs.... and there's Dymo's free DLS labeling software that makes designing your labels so easy.

A Dymo LabelWriter is a PC-attached or Mac-attached label printer that pints on a whole range of different pre-cut label sizes and shapes. The LabelWriter is typically used for Addressing and Shipping labels, but is also commonly used for labeling file folders, inventory items, Video tapes, diskettes and even for creating name badges. The labels come on rolls and you use your own software such as Word, Excel, Outlook (or Dymo's free software) to create and print your labels.

When it comes time to label discs such as CD, DVD or BluRay, there's 2 choices of label size to choose from. Both are round and are designed to cover the inner core of the the disc. One label size measures 2-3/8" in diameter and the other measures 1-1/3". You would choose the label size that suited the amount of text / graphics you wanted to print. For simple identifaction purposes, say a short description, you'd be better suited with the smaller label. For instances where you require more information, perhaps a graphic or a barcode, you would most likley be better suited to the larger label.

To design and print the disc labels, you simply use Dymo's DLS labeling software which has a number of CD/DVD templates already designed for you. You can use the existing templates, modify them or create new templates. All of these functions are simple with Dymo's intuitive user interface.

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