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Tip : Label Assets with a Dymo Rhino Label Printer

(Updated 2/28/2020)

Labelling your assets can be as simple as printing a basic label that says "Property of XYZ Corporation". Or it can be a complex affair, incorporating an official asset register and the labels can utilize barcodes for more accurate and efficient tracking.

No matter how simple or complex your asset labelling system is, using a Rhino Label printer to print the actual asset labels will result in very professional looking labels, and the labels will stay stuck !

Within the Rhino range of labels the most suitable for asset marking are Vinyl, Permanent Polyester and Flexible Nylon. Additionally, in the Dymo D1 range you can opt for the permanent plastic labels (these are compatible with Rhino label printers.

- Rhino Vinyl labels are useful when you require a reasonably strong adhesive but are more interested in the option of color. Vinyl labels are available in 10 different colors.

- Rhino Permanent Polyester labels have a shinier more professional finish and a stronger more permanent glue. They are available in 3 colors: black-on-clear, black-on-metallic, black-on-white.

- Rhino Flexible Nylon labels are suited to assets that have curved or textured surfaces. They have a reasonably permanent adhesive and are available in 2 color combinations: black-on-white and black-on-yellow

- D1 Permanent Labels offer a powerful, permanent adhesive for when you want a label to stay put indefinitely. They are available in one color : black-on-white. D1 labels are similar to Rhino labels, but they are not oil or chemical resistant.

Any of the Rhino Label printer models are suitable for printing asset labels, and all are capable of printing barcodes. The right Rhino printer for you will depend on your individual needs, and very importantly, the label width you wish to use for your asset labels.