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Tip : Individual Dymo 450 Series Printers

The Dymo 450 LabelWriter range comprises 5 models, and although they all seem very similar, they are indeed quite 'individual' in their targeted user characteristics.

Take for instance the LabelWriter 450 DUO. Appearance-wise it looks a heck of a lot like the other models in the range, but built into this little workhorse are 2 totally different print mechanisms. First you have the traditional LabelWriter printer that prints on paper labels that are pre-cut to certain sizes (like: address, shipping, file folder etc). Under the hood you also get a second printer that prints on the Dymo D1 tape-based labels which are all plastic and available in varying widths and colors.

And then there's the LabelWriter SE450 which is the only model in the range that supports printing from Dos/Unix/Linux as well as being compatible with Windows. Or what about the Twin Turbo model? it's 2 printers in one machine (kind of similar to the DUO) but it is 2 of the same label printer in the one machine. That is, you get 2x traditional LabelWriter printers under the one hood, meaning that you can have 2 of the same label size loaded for continuous printing, or you can have 2 different label sizes loaded so you don't need to keep changing out label rolls when you want to print a different size.

The other 2 models are the LabelWriter 450 and LabelWriter 450 Turbo. If you sat them side-by-side the only difference you would notice is the word 'Turbo' printed on the Turbo model. Sure the Turbo is faster, but the differences don't stop there. The Turbo also has enhanced software that enables it to print Dymo Stamps, self printed postage. That's a big feature that is being welcomed by many Dymo users.

In summary, the Dymo 450 range all look quite similar, but each model certainly does have features that make it more specific to certain users.