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Tech : How to store your Dymo LabelWriter labels

Storing your unused Dymo LabelWriter labels correctly can help to prolong their shelf life dramatically. Stored the wrong way, and they could end up having a less than 'professional' look.

Most people buy only enough Dymo labels to last a month or 2, so storage isn't major concern, but some buy labels for a whole year, and some buy labels that are only used at certain times of the year (like the Dymo Holiday Labels) and these are the instances where you should consider adopting the recommended storage ideas.

Dymo LabelWriters use thermal-direct label paper, similar to (but much better than) the old style fax paper. Regardless of the quality of the paper, thermal paper will fade and/or discolor over time when exposed to UV light, heat and moisture. So, it goes without saying that if you don't keep your Dymo labels out of direct sunlight, away from extreme heat and away from moisture, they will not last as long.

Half the work has been done for you already though, because Dymo LabelWriter labels are purposely wrapped in black plastic. The black plastic minimizes exposure to UV light and helps to prevent against moisture affecting the label quality.

The other half is up to you. We recommend storing Dymo LabelWriter labels in a cool dark place, and this can as simple as being stored in a desk drawer or a cupboard / cabinet. If you're in an air conditioned environment, they'll be fine sitting on a shelf or on a desk, so long as you keep the labels in the black plastic.

In summary, it is easy to store Dymo LabelWriter labels the right way. Keep them in the black plastic, and if possible, keep them in a drawer or cupboard away from heat and moisture.