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Tip : How to connect multiple Dymo LabelWriters to one computer

The Dymo LabelWriter is the industry-standard desktop label printer. Originally used to print Address and Shipping labels, the LabelWriter is now used to print anything from Jewelry labels to Name Badges (as well as Address and Shipping labels)

Most people only have 1x Dymo LabelWriter attached to their PC or Mac, but if you need to print multiple label sizes, it can be more efficient to have multiple Dymo LabelWriters attached - so you;re not changing rolls all the time. If you're one of the lucky ones, you'll already have a Dymo LabelWriter Twin Turbo - this machine holds 2 rolls of labels already so you won't be changing out label sizes as often.

Whether you need more than one printer will depend on your circumstances. For instance, some people print Address labels as well as Dymo Stamps, so they'll either need 2x LabelWriters or 1x Dymo Twin Turbo if they don't want the hassle of changing the roll every time they need to print one or the other. Some people print even more than 2 labels sizes frequently, so it's not uncommon to see 2 or even 3 LabelWriters sitting on someones desk.

To connect multiple LabelWriters to a PC or Mac, all you need is available USB ports. Just plug the LabelWriters in and the computer will recognize each printer as a separate device.... and you can even give each one an alias (i.e. address printer, stamp printer, name badge printer)......

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