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Tech : Dymo XTL Heat Shrink Tube Technical Data Sheet

(Updated 09/04/2019)

Dymo's range of XTL Heat Shrinkable Tubing products make it super simple to label cables and wires. Below is a link to Dymo's Technical Data Sheet on these products. Here's a brief overview....

"Flame retardant (3:1 shrink ratio) polyolefin sleeves used for wire identification. The identification marks are permanent immediately after printing and remain legible even when exposed to solvents, fuels and oils. The sleeves are low profile and lightweight. They may be used to provide strain relief and insulation in addition to identification."

The XTL Heat Shrink Tube Technical Data Sheet covers areas such as:

- Available Colors and Sizes
- Certifications and Standards Adherence
- Temperature and Voltage Ratings
- Physical Properties
- Electrical Properties
- Chemical Properties
- Chemical Resistance
- UV Light Resistance
- Abrasion Resistance
- Humidity Resistance
- Shelf life of label cassette

Labelcity sells the entire range of XTL heat Shrink Tubes for use in Dymo XTL Label printers.

Download the XTL Heat Shrinkable Tubing Technical Data Sheet here