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Tip : Dymo Stamps Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is DYMO Stamps?

A: DYMO Stamps is an exciting postage printing service approved by the US Postal Service. DYMO Stamps is yours free - just use the software included with any new LabelWriter 400 Turbo, 450 Turbo, Twin Turbo or Duo. Or, if you already own one of these models, simply sign up for an account and download the software.

Q: What types of postage can I print with DYMO Stamps?

A: DYMO Stamps enables you to print postage for First Class, Priority Mail (Flat Rate Envelope and Flat Rate Boxes), Express Mail Flat Rate Envelope, International (1 oz.) and postcards.

Q: I understand that DYMO Stamps saves me time. How does it save me money?

A: DYMO Stamps is a no-monthly-fee service. Prior to the introduction of DYMO Stamps, eliminating trips to the Post Office meant renting a postal meter or paying a monthly service fee for other internet postage services. With DYMO Stamps, all you need is the right LabelWriter printer, Free DYMO Stamps software and DYMO Stamps postage label rolls. There is no monthly service fee to have a DYMO Stamps account.

Q: Can I print DYMO Stamps on any printer?

A: To print DYMO Stamps you must have a DYMO LabelWriter and it must be a Turbo, Twin Turbo or DUO model.

Q: What if I have a different LabelWriter printer?

A: If you have a LabelWriter XL, EL or 300 series printer, you need to upgrade to a LabelWriter 450 Turbo, Twin Turbo or Duo in order to print DYMO Stamps.

Q: What operating systems is DYMO Stamps software compatible with?

A: The DYMO Stamps software works with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7, 8 and 10 on PC’s as well as Mac OS X v10.2.8 and up.

Q: Can you tell me more about Endicia, DYMOs postage partner for the DYMO Stamps service?

A: Endicia is one of three USPS-approved PC Postage vendors and leads the industry with over $4 Billion dollars worth of internet postage printed. DYMO has partnered with Endicia to offer DYMO Stamps.

Q: Does DYMO offer a postal scale?

A: Yes, DYMO does currently offer a range of USB postal scale. The scale works seamlessly with the DYMO Stamps software. Simply place your mailing item on the scale, wait a few seconds and then press the weight button in the DYMO Stamps software. DYMO Stamps will calculate and display the precise cost of postage to print. Buy Dymo Scales here

Q: Where can I buy the blank DYMO Stamps postage labels?

A: It is important that you use genuine Dymo stamps, because these are the only ones that can be guaranteed to work correctly within the US Postal System. Buy your Dymo Stamps here (30915)

Q: How many stamps are there on a roll of DYMO Stamps labels?

A: Each roll of DYMO Stamps labels has 200 blank stamps.

Q: What is the difference between DYMO Stamps and other internet postage products offered by Endicia and Stamps.com?

A: DYMO Stamps is a no monthly fee service that enables you to print postage for envelopes, small packages, Priority Mail, Express Mail, International (1oz), and postcards. Other internet postage services offer additional features such as expanded mail classes, insurance and tracking, in return for the monthly fee they charge. If you need these extra features, Endicia offers a variety of service levels to better fit your needs. Stamps.com, another online postage provider also supports LabelWriter printers.

Q: What are the payment options for the postage?

A: You can pay for postage using VISA, MasterCard, Amex, Discover or Diners Club or with a direct deduction from your checking account. Postage can be ordered in $10 increments.

Q: How much postage do I need to buy to open my account?

A: None, but you will need to specify a postage payment method when you set up your account. Once you’re ready to print postage, $10 is the minimum amount you can purchase.

Q: If I am an existing DYMO Stamps customer, what happens when postage rates increase?

A: DYMO Stamps is smart. Each time you open the application, it checks for updates and alerts you if there is a new DYMO Stamps version. New versions with the correct rates will be available prior to any USPS price change and will seamlessly put the new prices in effect on the day of the change. Updating is always fast and simple.

Q: How do I get a refund for misprinted postage?

A: Refunds are not available for postage printed in error. To make sure postage prints properly, use the Test Print feature before printing actual postage. This is especially important when you haven't printed postage for a while or if you've changed your printer configuration.

Q: Can I print postage ahead of time? If so, until when can I use it?

A: DYMO Stamps postage labels do not have a date stamp. As a result, you can use DYMO Stamps postage any time - just like regular stamps. If you have a few DYMO Stamps labels when postage rates change, you can print additional DYMO Stamps postage to make up the difference.

Q: Can I share my postage account with multiple computers?

A:The USPS requires that, if you share an account, all users are in the same physical location. If someone works from home, in a different zip code, they will need to open a separate account. If you set up a DYMO Stamps Windows account you cannot share it with a Mac OS user and vice versa. You will need to set up a separate account.

Q: I'm not a "techie." Is DYMO Stamps easy to use?

A: DYMO Stamps is very easy. It was designed to meet the needs of small businesses that don't want to pay the high costs of a meter or stand in line at the Post Office. To see how easy it is to use DYMO Stamps, click here to see a PC demo or here for the Mac demo.

Q: Can I use my LabelWriter to print labels for parcel carriers such as UPS, DHL, and FedEx?

A: UPS, DHL, and FedEx require labels that are 4" x 6" in size, only the Dymo LabelWriter 4XL printer can print labels of that size. These services also enable you to print shipping forms on standard printers. For more information, visit the UPS, FedEx, or DHL web sites.