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Troubleshooting the Dymo Rhino 5200

If you have an issue while using your Dymo Rhino 5200 Label Printer or Dymo Rhino 5200 Label Printer Kit, try some of the following solutions. If you need further assistance, feel free to call / email us direct.

Battery Low / Battery Empty
• Attach the power adapter.
• Recharge the battery pack.
• Insert new AA alkaline batteries.

Poor Print Quality
• Clean the print head. See Cleaning Your Printer.
• Adjust the Print Contrast. See Adjusting Print Contrast.
• Check battery level; power may be low.

Label Jam - Motor is stalled due to label jam.
• Open the label cartridge compartment and remove the cartridge.
• Remove the label, clearing the jam.
• Make sure the label passes smoothly through the label guides on the label cartridge and that the label and ribbon are taut across the mouth of the cartridge.
• When the jam is cleared, press OK to clear the display.

Uneven or slanted printing - The cartridge is not positioned correctly.
• Check the label cartridge compartment to make sure the cartridge is inserted properly.
• Make sure the two levers in the label compartment are locked on either side of the cartridge holding the cartridge in place.

Cannot close the label cartridge lid - The cartridge is not inserted correctly.
• Make sure nothing is blocking the cartridge cover and that the label cartridge is inserted properly.

Unable to return to the previous menu
• Press ESC to return to the previous menu.
• Press CLR to return to the display and clear all settings.

Nothing shows on the display
• Ensure the printer is turned on.
• Insert new batteries, charge battery pack, or plug in power adapter.
• Remove power adapter and batteries, and then reattach power to restart the printer.

Display text is too light to read
• Turn on backlight.
• Adjust the display contrast.

Too many lines message (Too many lines for this label width)
• Reduce the number of text lines.
• Insert a wider label cartridge.

Barcode not allowed message (Barcodes can only be printed on 3/4" 19 mm wide labels)
• Replace the label cartridge.
• Change the label width.

Print error... (The label is jammed)
• Open the label cartridge door and check that the label is not jammed.
• Pull a small amount of label from the cartridge to make sure the label moves freely.

No response when pressing keys (One of the keys may be jammed)
• Press each key to determine which key is jammed.
• Press the jammed key firmly until it returns to its normal position.

How do I remove the backing from the label?
RHINO labels have an easy-peel split back.
1. Locate the split on the label backing.
2. Gently pinch the label length-wise, folding toward the printed side of the label. The label backing will separate.
3. Carefully peel away the backing from the label.

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