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Tip : Rhino 18443 and Rhino 18444 Cable Flag Labels

There's plenty of ways to label cables. You can use Rhino heatshrink tubes (if you have a heat gun), or you can use Rhino flexible nylon labels and wrap them around your cable so the label is totally stuck to the cable with nothing loose hanging off it. The other option is what we call a flag label (as pictured).

Flag labels wrap around a wire or cable leaving the text part of the label extending out from the cable, making it very easy to read. The text on flag labels is automatically printed on both ends of the label leaving a blank space in the middle that wraps around the cable. When the label is applied to the cable, both ends of the label are applied back to back leaving a tail or flag. The result is a label that can be read from both sides.

To create these labels you can use any Rhino Flexible Nylon Labels, you can use Rhino Permanent Polyester Labels or you can use Rhino Vinyl Labels. All of these types are suitable and collectively offer a wide range of sizes and colors for your flag labels.

The most popular labels for this purpose though are Rhino 18443 Vinyl labels which are 3/8" wide and Rhino 18444 labels which are 1/2" wide. These widths enable you to print an easily legible font size and aren't too bulky for instances where you have a number of cables bunched together (as pictured).

And printing flag labels is easy on a Dymo Rhino label printer. All the current models have a FLAG mode button, and depending on which model you have, it's as simple as this.......

  1. Press FLAG
  2. Enter the length for the flag portion of the label
  3. Select AUTO to have the length automatically set to fit the text. The total length of the label is calculated by doubling the flag length and adding 34 mm to wrap around the cable.
  4. Press OK to create the label
  5. Enter the text for the label and press PRINT