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Tip : Dymo Printer Dilemma

We often get asked which Dymo Printer a customer should buy, and because Dymo have differentiated their model ranges quite significantly, the process of choosing the right printer is a whole lot easier than it could be.

Dymo differentiates their models in a number of ways. For instance, at times they split the model ranges into categories such as: Office, Home, Industrial. In other instances they differentiate them according to Label printers, Label makers, Industrial Labeling Tools. But no matter how you try to categorize them, the easiest way to differentiate them is to simply identify the 4 models ranges and describe what they do.

The 4 model ranges are: LabelWriter, LabelManager, Rhino / Industrial, LetraTag, and following are brief overviews of each:

Dymo LabelWriter: desktop label printers designed primarily for addressing and shipping, but also popular for anything from filing, postage, labeling storage media and even name badges. LabelWriter's are direct-thermal printers and use rolls of labels that are pre-cut to certain sizes. Being thermal labels, they are prone to fading and discoloring over time and not recommended for long periods of exposure to UV light. They are compatible with Windows & Mac and one models supports Unix/DOS applications.

Dymo LabelManager: handheld or desktop label makers that print on more permanent plastic label materials. Most LabelManager models have a keypad that you use to type in your label data, and the labels come on rolls of varying widths. The length of your label will be determined by how much you print on the label. Labels are available in a wide variety of colors.

Dymo LetraTag: much like LabelManagers but they are a more cost effective option, having less features and available labels sizes/colors. Very handy tool for a quick label on the fly.

Dymo Rhino : label printers that are specifically designed for industrial applications such as cabling, wiring, patch panels, warning messages, warehousing, shelving etc. Rhino labels are available in various materials (flexible, plastic, vinyl, heat shrink) and a wide range of colors.

To learn even more about the various models click the links above, or to see them all on the one page, see our Dymo Printer page