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Tip : Dymo LetraTag Labels in the Classroom

There are so many uses for labels in Schools. Organizing in the classroom can be achieved by labeling items such as shelves, paint pots, paint brushes, books, pens, pencils, rulers, scissors, storage boxes... and the list goes on.

A simple-to-use label maker like a Dymo LetraTag is the perfect choice for the classroom. This type of label maker isn't weighed down with too many print features, but you get all the basics: upper case, lower case, bold, italic, underline, boxed text. And printing any of these font features is a breeze.

As for the actual labels, Dymo LetraTag Labels come in a variety of colors. There's Clear, White, Hyper Yellow, Cosmic Red and Ultra Blue in the plastic range. There's also a Metallic Silver and a White paper material. All of the labels are the same width (1/2") and the label length will be determined by how much text you elect to print. The more text, the longer the label.

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