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Tip : Dymo LabelWriter Name Badge Labels

Printing name badge labels on a Dymo LabelWriter is so easy, and there's plenty of ways you can go about creating each visitor label.

The simplest way is to have a template already setup on your free Dymo Label Software (DLS). When a visitor arrives you type in their Name & Company (you could also add any other information like Role, the date, time etc) then press print.

At the other end of the spectrum is the ability to integrate a Dymo LabelWriter into your own visitor management software or system. Dymo has a free SDK (Software Develop Kit), so whether you’re developing for Windows, Mac, Linux or a custom embedded system, you’ll find the SDK you need to integrate a LabelWriter into your system.

In terms of labels sizes that are available, you aren't restricted to just a few sizes, although the most common Dymo LabelWriter Name Badge Labels are around 2-1/2" x 4". If you wanted a slimmer label you could try one of the Dymo Address Label Sizes or if you wanted something a little different you could try one of the Dymo Multipurpose Labels. All the LabelWriter label sizes can be found here.

Within the Dymo LabelWriter Name Badge category there are a few standouts, one being the 12-hour time expiring name badges. This item is definitely worth a look. After 12 hours the badge expires, so it obviously won't be valid the next day.