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Tip : Dymo LabelWriter 450 DUO is the most versatile in the range

The Dymo LabelWriter 450 DUO is way more versatile than all the other models in the LabelWriter range. The reason why? it's actually two label makers rolled into the one machine.Â

LabelWriter printers typically print on pre-cut paper labels that come on rolls, and those pre-cut labels come in a whole lot of different sizes. There's address labels, shipping labels, name badges, CD/DVD labels just to name a few. In the label range there's over 30 different pre-cut variants. These labels are great for short term use like addressing and shipping, and also great for uses where the label won't be exposed to the elements (sun, wind, water etc). click here to see the LabelWriter label range.

The DUO differentiates itself from the other LabelWriter models in that it also prints on the entire range of Dymo's D1 label tapes/cartridges. The D1 tapes are normally used in handheld or desktop LabelManager printers - these are the ones with keypads for entering data for labels. D1 labels are extremely durable plastic labels that are well suited to more extreme situations where the label can be exposed to environmental variables such as UV light, moderate temperatures and liquids. D1 labels also come in a whole range of color combinations. Â Click here to see the D1 label range.

Given that the LabelWriter DUO opens users up to a far wider range of labelling possibilities, it gets our vote as being the most versatile in the range. click here to see more info or buy the LabelWriter 450 DUO