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Tip : Dymo File Folder Labels Make Filing More Efficient

A filing system is efficient if it is really easy to find a particular file folder. Additionally, it is efficient if it is easy to find the precise place where a new/returned file needs to be placed. Labelling your file folders rather than handwriting on the tabs will definitely make it easier for people to find the right file, and find the right place for a file. Furthermore, using a label that is purpose designed to fit properly on the tab will give your file folders a 'cleaner' look, again making it easier to identify the file you're hunting for.

Within the Dymo LabelWriter label range is a subset of label sizes that are purpose designed for file folders. As you can see in the picture, the label fits perfect on the tab of the folder, not only giving it professional look, but it is much easier to read than handwriting.

There are 2 variants of this label available from Labelcity:

  • Dymo 30327 / Labelcity 125130 : this is what we call a 1-up label, that is, one label prints at a time. This label is a wise choice when you are printing just one label at a time, or a string of different labels.
  • Dymo 30277 : this is what we call a 2-up label. With this one, two labels are printed side by side at a time. This is especially useful when you need to print multiple copies of the same label.
There are a few other filing labels on offer from Dymo, including a hanging file tab label and a label that is suited to Dymo File Software. Link -->full range of Dymo Filing Labels.

The beauty of Dymo file folder labels is that you don't need to buy a specific Dymo LabelWriter printer to use them. They are compatible with all LabelWriter models..... even right back to the first one made over 15 years ago. And making your file folder labels is simple with Dymo's free labelling software DLS. You simply select the correct template, type your text and hit print. You can add graphics and barcodes too, as well as boxes and lines.

The ability to print purpose made File Folder labels is another reason why a Dymo LabelWriter is such a handy tool to have around the workplace or at home.