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Another use for Dymo Diskette Labels 30258 / 120400

There are so many different uses for Dymo LabelWriter labels. Some users get trapped into thinking that you can only use an Address label for printing Addresses, or you can only use a File Folder label for labelling files, or a Diskette label can only be used for labelling a 3.5" Floppy Diskette .... remember those from the 90's and early 2000's? Who uses those any more? No-one, but we still sell 1000's of rolls of 3.5" Diskette labels.

The reason we sell so many of these labels is that you can use Dymo LabelWriter labels for a whole lot of different purposes. Address labels, for instance, in addition to be used for addressing envelopes, are used as barcode labels, for labelling shelves in stores and warehouses, and even as a slim name badge. The 3.5" Dymo Diskette Label is equally as versatile - they are even used by Doctors and Veterinaries on prescription bottles.

We actaully use the Dymo Diskette Labels to label some of our own products. The image on this page is a screenshot from Dymo's free DLS Software (DLS software ships with new Dymo LabelWriters and can be downloaded for free here). We manufacture a product called the 121000R Removable Label for use in Dymo LabelWriters. This item is packaged in a plain white box, and so we (and you) know what's inside, we affix a product identification label with a barcode and a batch number. The blank label we use is the Dymo Diskette Label.

So, don't get trapped into thinking you can only use the various Dymo LabelWriter label sizes for the purposes that their name suggests. Get creative, Dymo's free DLS software is a great tool for designing different labels using whatever label size you want or have.