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Tip : Dymo D1 Labels on Filing Storage Boxes

When it comes time to archive documents, labelling your storage boxes will certainly make it easier to find and retrieve documents at a later date. Whether you use a very simple identification system using just a word or two (i.e. "Client Files"), or if you are using a more intricate system that could utilize barcodes or even colors, Dymo's D1 labels will get the job done.

We would recommend the 3/4" or 1" Dymo D1 labels for labelling archive boxes, simply because they enable a larger font than the narrower D1 sizes. Additionally, the Dymo 3/4" D1 Labels and the Dymo 1" D1 Labels provide more scope to add barcodes because of their larger width. All Dymo D1 labels are UV resistant, water resistant and can cope with temperatures raning from -40F th 194F so they are well suited to this job.

If you were to use 3/4" labels there's a whole bunch of Dymo machines that are compatible, including the LabelManager 360, LabelManager 420. If you wanted to print on 1" labels you could choose from the LabelManager Wireless PnP, LabelManager 500TS or the LabelWriter 450 DUO (these 1" printers also print on the 3/4" labels).

Creating and applying labels to your archive filing storage boxes is simple. If you are using a handheld or desktop label maker (like the LM360 or LM420) you create your labels on the device and press the print button on your label maker. If you are using one of the PC/Mac connected label makers, you use Dymo's free DLS software to design/create your labels. Once your labels are printed, you simply peel the backing sheet off the labels then adhere them to your archive boxes. Simple, efficient, problem solved.