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Tip : Dymo D1 Labels on Boxes, Tubs, Racks & Shelves

In the warehouse or in the storeroom, labeling boxes, plastic containers, plastic tubs, shelving and racks is more often than not an essential part of day-to-day business. Having a label maker to actually create the labels is just half of the equation, the other half is having durable, easily readable and perhaps colored labels. These label characteristics will undoubtedly make identification in the warehouse or storeroom a whole lot simpler.

Dymo's LabelManager range of label makers use the ever-popular Dymo D1 Label System. The D1 tape system includes label tapes ranging from a narrow 1/4" wide right through to 1" wide and they are a durable plastic material that can cope with non corrosive liquid spills, exposure to moderate heat, cold and direct sunlight. The D1 labels are also available in a number of dfferent color combinations. Some of the more popular color combinations are 'black print on white label tape' and there's also blue on white, black on clear, red on white, black on yellow........

The beauty of the Dymo D1 labels is that they are not already pre-cut to a certain length. The length of the label is determined by how much you want to print on the label. You can print just a single letter or number if that's what you need, or you can print a big long label consisting of many letters, words, numbers or even barcodes.

All Dymo LabelManager label makers use Dymo D1 labels.

Key benefits of Dymo D1 labels in the warehouse / storeroom:
- Available in Different Colors
- Available in different widths
- Label Length is determined by what you want print - the labels are not pre-cut to a certain size
- Durable plastic material
- Suitable for barcoding