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Tip : Dymo CD DVD Label Applicator - no mess, no fuss

Making labels for your CD's or DVD's on a Dymo LabelWriter is simple, really simple. Adhering the labels to your discs is a little more complicated. Getting them to line up perfectly with the hole at the center of the disc is a bit challenging. But not with the Dymo 30860 CD DVD label applicator.

Dymo provides FREE labelling software for use with it's entire PC/Mac-attached lineup. Called DLS (Dymo Labelling Software), the software package enables you to custom design the layouts of your labels, adding components such as text, symbols, lines, boxes, barcodes and even built-in counters (for incremental numbered labels). The software is very intuitive making it a very simple tasks to design and print labels for your CD's and DVD's.

When it comes time to stick your printed label onto a disc, using the Dymo CD/DVD label applicator will definitely save you time and reduce your anxiety levels. Imagine trying to stick a circular label onto a CD and trying to line it up perfectly around the hole at the center of the disc. If you're a bit out, the disc can end up being unbalanced. Also, it is advisable not to keep sticking, peeling the resticking the same label to 'get it right' because each time you peel the label back off, you could possible degrade the strength of the glue on the label.

The sub-$10 CD DVD Label Applicator assists you to stick the label on the disc in a matter of seconds, and you won't need to worry about it lining up. It will sit perfectly on your disc every time.

The applicator is compatible with the following Dymo / CoStar LabelWriter Labels: