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  • Tip : Dymo 30330 Return Address Labels help ensure your mail doesn't get lost

Tip : Dymo 30330 Return Address Labels help ensure your mail doesn't get lost

A simple Return Address Label can help to ensure that your mail or packages don't get lost. How? It's entirely possible that you could get a recipients address wrong, and if your carrier doesn't have a return adress, your article could be lost forever. Printing return address labels on a Dymo LabelWriter is simple, and you can either print them as you need them, or print a whole batch at once, store them on your desk or in a drawer and use them as the need arises.

The Dymo 30330 / Labelcity 120500 Return Address label was purposely designed for adding a return address to envelopes. It is big enough to fit a 3 or 4 line return address, but not too big that it could be mistaken as the main address label on your item. This label measures 3/4" x 2" (19mm x 51mm) and comes on a roll of 500 labels. As mentioned above, you can print these one-by-one on demand, or like most people, print a whole bunch every now and then, and store them at your desk for use as needed.

To print these labels, simply open your free Dymo Label Software, scroll through the available templates looking for "Return Address Label", add your address and then print your label(s). Be sure to save the template for future use so you don't need to 'create' the template again. Additionally, you can actually add a small image to your labels to make them look more like a return address label. One we use is the image of an envelope which is pre-loaded into the Dymo software. For instructions on how to add an image or graphic to a label, please refer to the help section with the Dymo software.

Dymo LabelWriters are designed for printing labels on the fly, and in batches - you can print one at a time, or labels by the hundreds. They have a small footprint, are Windows and Mac compatible, and print on a wide range of label sizes - everything from address labels to name badges. See our full range of Dymo LabelWriter Labels.