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Tip : Create a Return Address using the Standard Address Label

Adding a Return Address to your mail and packages adds a safety net ensuring that your mail piece has a place to come back to if it is undeliverable for any reason. Think : customer moved, item was addressed incorrectly, etc.

Typically, Dymo LabelWriter owners use the Return Address Label (30330 / 120500) which, as the name implies, was originally created for adding a senders address to the back of envelopes or small packages. It's a versatile label, which is being used for a large number of applications (not just for adding a senders address) and you can easily fit 4 lines of readable text on it.

The Return Address label is still used precisely for the purpose it was designed for, but when it is used on a large envelope or package it kind of gets lost, so that's why many LabelWriter owners use the Standard Address Label (30252 / 120350) instead, on larger items.

The Standard Address label measures 1-1/8" x 3-1/2", which is significantly larger than the Return Address label which measures 3/4" x 2". This extra size naturally means that you can use a larger font, but you can also add more information on the labels and you can even add an image.

Both the Return Address and Standard Address labels are readily available in both our East Coast and West Coast warehouses, as are the full range of Dymo LabelWriter printers.