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Comparison : Dymo LabelWriter 400 and 450 series

(updated 01/27/2020)

The Dymo LabelWriter 400 Series was replaced by the Dymo LabelWriter 450 Series back in 2009, and the 'updates' were significant enough to ensure it's longevity - more than a decade later it is still a current model and market leader. The 400 series was extremely popular and there's are 100,000's of these still in use around the world, but the 450 series is a whole lot better.

The big differences between the older and newer series relate to (i) print speed, (ii) print resolution, and (iii) a power-save feature built into the new 450 series.

Print Speed
In terms of speed, if we look at the popular Turbo models, the old LabelWriter 400 Turbo printed approx 55 address labels per minute (based on a 4-line address). The new LabelWriter 450 Turbo prints almost 30% quicker - around 71 address labels per minute.

Print Resolution
Print resolution improved substantially with the new series. The LabelWriter 450 series printed at 300x300 dpi which is actually quite sharp for printing text and basic graphics (including barcodes). The new 450 series prints at 600x300 dpi which is offers considerably sharper print and is especially useful for printing small finer barcodes.

Power-save feature
The power-save feature wasn't included in the LabelWriter 400 lineup, but was added to the 450 series. So what? some people might say, the Dymo printers don't use a lot of power, but with the price of electricity escalating, any extra savings are welcome......

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