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  • User Story : Civilian Rations get the Dymo LabelWriter treatment

User Story : Civilian Rations get the Dymo LabelWriter treatment

Here's what Sheri from Operation Interdependence has to say about the Dymo LabelWriter she uses to label baggies of items that are donated and sent to deployed military around the world:

"I am the volunteer Area Manager for a non-profit organization that raises money and items to be packed and shipped to our deployed military. When an individual from another organization that I belong to donates enough to ship a box of C-Rats (Civilian Rations) overseas, I include a Thank you card to the troops in each of the 50 baggies of goodies that are included in that box. On the back of each Thank You card, I print the name of the person who donated the money for the shipping charges and a brief thank you from them, and do that on Dymo labels".

"(My) Dymo also helps me print the labels for the donation acknowledgements that I send out every month to our contributors. Since Operation Interdependence is not budgeted for office equipment, I use my own personal Dymo printer and labels (at my cost) with Microsoft WORD for this process. It save me about 2-3 hours a month and speeds the process which is vital since this is part time volunteer work which I do at night after a typical 11 hour day job. Thanks Dymo both at work and at home I love the ease and convenience.".