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Tip : Choosing the right Rhino label for your surface

Dymo's Industrial range of Rhino label printers more than likely has a label to suit your needs. There's 6 different label materials : Indoor/Outdoor Vinyl, Flexible Nylon, Permanent Polyester, Heat-Shrink Tubes, Non-adhesive Tags and Self-Laminating labels.

Choosing the right label for your application, could depend on a number of variables like the type of surface you are adhering your labels to. The surface could be a cable or wire, it could be a flat surface, it could be a curved surface or textured. And then there's the question about the environmental conditions your labels will be exposed to...... i.e. hot/cold resistance, UV light exposure, oil resistance, water resistance, chemical resistance, color coding requirements, etc.

The right label for virtually every situation and surface document outlines which label is best for each cross-selection of surface vs environment. For instance, the Rhino Flexible Nylon label is is the best choice for Curved Surfaces. Rhino Heat Shrink Tubes are obviously great for Cable/Wire applications, and Rhino Permanent polyester labels are the obvious choice for flat surfaces.

Choosing the right label for your application isn't hard. Following a few simple guidelines will make this job simple, and using a Dymo Rhino Label printer will help to ensure that your labelling requirements are satisfied with minimum fuss.