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Dymo MobileLabeler Lights: Solid, Blinking, Glowing, Moving

Sitting atop the Dymo MobileLabeler Label Maker is a button and some lights. There's a number of different statuses for each, and hopefully the following will help to de-mystify what each one means.

First, let's briefly describe the Dymo MobileLabeler so you get a better feel for what each light refers to. The MobileLabeler is a Bluetooth capable label printer with a rechargable battery. Effectively, it can be charged up, placed in the middle of a room and printed to with no cables attached from a smartphone, tablet or computer. (You can of course print to it from the included USB cable also). The battery will run down eventually and it will need re-charged - the lights on the top will tell you when, and they will also tell you if it is on, in standby mode, in Bluetooth discovery mode etc.....

Power Status Light - the Power Button also acts as the Power Status Light. If the Power light is off, the MobileLabeler is off. If the Power light is glowing, then the label maker is in Standby Mode, and if it is on solid, the power is on, ready for action. If the Power light happens to be blinking fast, there's an error, and you should consult the user manual, or give us a call.

Battery Status Light - as mentioned above, the MobileLabeler has a rechargable battery and the Battery status light quite obviously gives you some insight into the status of the battery. When the battery status light is off, the battery is empty. When it's moving, the battery is charging, and when it is on solid, 2 bars means it is fully charged and one bar means it is partially charged.

Bluetooth Status Light - setting up your device to print via Bluetooth is covered in depth in the Mobile label User Guide. You can actually set the label maker up to be always discoverable, discoverable for 2 minutes or never discoverable. When the Bluetooth light is off, the MobileLabeler is not discoverable. When it is blinking, the label maker is discoverable and when the Bluetooth status light is on solid, the MobileLabeler is connected.

Labelcity stocks the Dymo MobileLabeler and all the compatible Dymo D1 labels. The MobileLabeler uses 1/4" (6mm), 3/8" (9mm), 1/2" (12mm), 3/4" (19mm) and 1" (24mm) labels.