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Dymo LabelWriter 3.5" Diskette Labels (120320 / 30324 / 10299) 320/roll

Own a Dymo 550, 550 Turbo or 5XL printer? You'll need Dymo 30324 (click here). Same label size, qty, color, price. Just different packaging.
SKU: 120320 || GTIN/UPC: 071701102997

New part numbers! (same label size, qty, color, price, just different packaging)
- Dymo LabelWriter Users : Replaced by Dymo 30324 (click here)
- Seiko SLP Users : Replaced by Labelcity 120320SK (click here)

Detailed Description

100% guaranteed not to void your Dymo warranty. Manufactured by Dymo.

- White Diskette Labels
- 2-1/8" x 2-3/4" (54x70mm)
- 1 roll @ 320 labels/roll
- Labelcity part # 120320 (10299)
- Dymo/CoStar eq. part # 30324
- replaces old Labelcity part # 120320-1 and 120320-6

Diskette Labels are compatible with most Dymo and CoStar LabelWriters (not suitable for use in 550, 550 Turbo, 5XL,300, 310, 315, EL40, XL and BC models) - White Diskette Labels

The Basics

- white paper labels
- 2-1/8" x 2-3/4" (54x70mm)
- 320 labels/roll
- 1 roll pack (10299)


Dymo Diskette labels are compatible with almost all Dymo LabelWriter printers - the only ones it doesn't work with are older models from the early 2000's and the 550 series and 5XL. This label is manufactured by Dymo, and thus ensures your warranty is safe. Following is a list of all the current and previous model Dymo LabelWriters that this label is compatible with - if there's any doubts about your printer being compatible, call us on 1-888-999-6333:

Dymo LabelWriter 450 Turbo
Dymo LabelWriter 450 Printer
Dymo LabelWriter 450 Twin Turbo
Dymo LabelWriter 450 Duo
Dymo LabelWriter 4XL Label Printer
Dymo Desktop Mailing Solution
Dymo LabelWriter Wireless (White)
Dymo LabelWriter Wireless (Black)
Dymo 400 LabelWriter (all models including Turbo, Twin Turbo and DUO)
Dymo LabelWriter SE300 & SE450
Dymo LabelWriter 300
Dymo LabelWriter 320
Dymo LabelWriter 330
Dymo LabelWriter 330 Turbo
Dymo LabelWriter EL60
CoStar LabelWriter ASCII 200 / ASCII 250
CoStar LabelWriter BC+
CoStar LabelWriter SE200
CoStar LabelWriter SE250
CoStar LabelWriter TURBO
CoStar LabelWriter XL+

Following is the list of Seiko SLP (Smart Label Printer) models that the Diskette Label is compatible with:

Seiko SLP 200
Seiko SLP 220
Seiko SLP 240
Seiko SLP 420
Seiko SLP 430
Seiko SLP 440
Seiko SLP 450
Seiko SLP 620
Seiko SLP 650
Seiko SLP 650SE

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Great service - thank you


Discount applied and I did not have to ask

DYMO 3.5 Diskette Labels - 120320

by -

Good product and fast delivery!

Great resource!

by -

Decent prices and great quality.

Great Place to Buy Labels

by -

My orders have always been shipped out the same day or the next day depending how late in the day I send the order. Great Customer Service and quality labels.

Best Pricing & Very Quick Shipping

by -

This is the best priced label I've found with good quality and they are shipped immediately, so you get your labels within 2 days or sooner depending on the time of day you place your order.

Good Pricing & Customer Service

by -

Competitive prices along with quality labels. Customer Service is Great too!

Best Value Year after Year!

by -

We have been using these Dymo labels in our business for several years. I have checked intermittently over the years to see if I can get them at a better price from other providers. Every time, Label City has had the best value!


by -

Great product used daily in our business.

Perfect size for warehouse use

by -

We've been using this label for many years, 100's of rolls. Perfect for all of our product labeling and it never fails. The adhesive is awesome. I never used these on disks but hear me out. Back in THE DAY, 3.5" labels were mostly removeable type and would not hold well to the disk, corners would peel up and being OCD, that just won't do. I was more of I want this sucker to be permanent sort of guy...if I need to reuse this disk, I'm slapping on another label. It's 1992, I just downloaded Win3.1 off a pirate BBS, it took a week and I for sure am never going to be re-using these disks. Ya know? So anyway....the point is these labels are Niiiice, like long niiiiiiiiiiice. I don't play around.