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Tip : 5S Labeling Solutions with the Rhino 6000

5S relates to a specific list of workplace activities that promote organization and efficiency. The 5S terms are Seiri (sorting), Seiton (straightening), Seiso (shining), Seiketsu (standardizing) and Shitsuke (sustaining). The 5S system originates from Japan and is finding it's way into may organizations around the world. Before discussing how the Rhino 6000 Label printer can help labelling in the 5S system, it's best to understand more about 5S first.

SORT : Remove unnecessary items and dispose of them properly, eliminating obstacles, reduce chance of being disturbed with unnecessary items, cease accumulation of unnecessary items
STRAIGHTEN : "set in order" : Arrange tools, parts, and instructions so that all have a clearly marked home. Items used most frequently should be the easiest and quickest to locate
SHINE : Clean the workplace & equipment on a regular basis in order to maintain standards and identify defects
STANDARDISE : Standardize the best practice within the workplace
SUSTAIN : making a habit of properly maintaining correct procedures so they don't slip back into the old ways.

Labelling can certainly halp in all apsects of the 5S system. For instance, labelling for SORT could include color coding and designating workspaces. Labelling for STRAIGHTEN could include label both the tool and its designated home space.

The Rhino 6000 is an extremely versatile and suitable tool for 5S facilities. Not just because it is industrial in terms of it's reliability and durability, but for the fact that it supports a wide array of label materials, label colors and it has built-in features such as symbols that can make labelling more efficient and meaningful. (read the Dymo 5S Guide pdf for more info)